About us

Wikja is:

Stefan Johansson – Vocals & Guitar
Linda Blixt – Vocals & Percussion

Wikja started as a relaxed duo 2021 and the premiere concert was outside Lissabon. Touch the Horizon is being released 28/8-2022.

Wikja’s first CD is done and we can hardly believe it’s happening.
Our first gigs were down in Portugal and after that, we just started to seriously go for our own songs. A musical journey, a kind of sum up of life, a musical timeprint of here and now.

“Touch the horizon” has so many meanings to us. Traveling in both an inner and an outer world. To have the guts to have dreams. To have the guts to follow one’s dreams.

One step at a time… one day at a time…
This was our motto and then all of a sudden – “Touch the Horizon” is here!
We´re hoping to hear from your “Horizons” as well, so… stay in touch, Touch the Horizon.