Wikja4 dagar sen
Long story short- it was amazing! Wikja says thank you Germany for this time 😅 Linda already landed safely up north, Stefan starts the Christmas shows tonight in Pirna….
See you soon
Linda & Stefan
Lohmen: Luna
Würzburg: Stefan
Volkmarsen: Matthias
Zettlitz: Silvia
Neusalza-Spremberg: Katharina
Wikja1 vecka sen
After a very busy tour, we’re now sitting in front of a fireplace and slowly have time to simply just “be”…
Winter has also arrived in Germany, so with snow all around us, it was extra nice to play a little village church yesterday 🙏
Thanks Silvia with family, for photo and hospitality 🙏
Next stop- Thursday in Alter Kuhstall in Neusalza-Spremberg.
Have a nice winterly day everyone 🙏
Linda & Stefan
Wikja2 veckor sen
When the organizer ask if we take the sauna, before, or after the concert, one simply know, it will be a great evening
Thank you, Würzburg 🙏
Thank you Stürmer with family 🙏
Linda & Stefan
Wikja2 veckor sen
Am Donnerstag 🥳
Stefan & Linda
Wikja2 veckor sen
We had a great tour start in Volkmarsen 🙂
800 year old house, down in a fully booked cellar including a bat 😅
Tired and happy we’re rolling towards Kulturkirche Oberschüpf 🙋‍♂️
Linda & Stefan
Wikja2 veckor sen
Wikja is back on the Road … or water 😅
Tour start is going just fine and we’re excited about the concerts in Germany
Looking forward to see you
Linda & Stefan

Friday, 24.11. Volkmarsen, Steinhaus (19:00)
Saturday 25.11. Oberschüpf, Kulturkirche (20:00)
Sunday 26.11. Würzburg, Privat
Thursday 28.11. Zettlitz, Kirche Hermsdorf, Sachsen (19:00)
Thursday 30.11. Neusalza-Spremberg, Alter Kuhstall (19:00)
Friday 01.12. Görlitz, Kings Pub (20:00) - Stefan Solo
Saturday 02.12. Lohmen, -sold out-